Community Action Campaigns

Community Graffiti Removal and Empowerment Campaigns

SoSafe is on a mission to eradicate the blight of graffiti.  SoSafe is a proud supporter of community-based graffiti removal campaigns in Australia, the US, and around the world.  From small not-for-profit groups to government-endorsed programs, SoSafe has implemented management plans to make community-based graffiti abatement projects easy, safe and effective.

Graffiti Action Day – NSW, Australia

Graffiti Action Day is a NSW state government initiative designed to create community awareness and empower the community to fight back against the graffiti tagging of their neighbourhoods. With over 2000 participants annually, this is one of the largest graffiti reduction programs in the world.


Neighborhood Graffiti Action Hero – Chicago, USA is a growing community empowerment movement designed to democratize graffiti abatement and empower local communities to reclaim their neighbourhoods from the blight of graffiti.  Based on a proven model of local community organizing, armed with highly effective and highly safe SoSafe graffiti removers, block clubs and neighbourhood groups can eliminate hundreds of graffiti tags.  Graffiti days make a significant and tangible impact on the appearance of a targeted commercial corridor.

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“The game-changing SoSafe graffiti removers make it all possible as they are super green and therefore very safe to work with, fast-acting and can completely remove most tags within a couple of minutes.”