Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

SoSafe Safety Shield: Semi-Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Coating

SoSafe Safety Shield is an easy to apply, semi-sacrificial surface anti-graffiti protection, making graffiti removal easy and suitable for most porous surface types.  Safety Shield can be sprayed or rolled and forms a surface penetrating coating that protects surfaces from graffiti, mould, and other environmental wear.

Safety Shield is UV resistant so it will not break down from exposure to the sun and are water-permeable which allow the surface to breathe.   They require no mixing.  SoSafe anti-graffiti coatings do not leave a glossy finish.  The treated surface can be painted over with no detrimental effects (i.e. the paint will not peel).


How SoSafe Anti-Graffiti works
Safety Shield works by blocking the pores of the surface with a very thin clear coating.  This prevents graffiti from penetrating and bonding with the substrate which makes removal easy and complete without any  “graffiti shadow’. This protection allows the graffiti to be removed without harm to the protected substrate below.  Most porous substrates should be treated with two coats of Safety Shield.  A few highly porous substrates may absorb more product and therefore require a third coat such as sandstone. Safety Shield can be applied by brush or sprayer.

SoSafe Safety Shield anti-graffiti paint can also be used to protect future damage to legal graffiti murals from tagging and environmental hazards.