With a wholehearted commitment to producing and supplying cleaning products that meet the exacting needs of today’s society – those that incorporate very little harmful chemicals – SoSafe have worked tirelessly in creating an outstanding range of such products.

Avoiding the use of propellants and toxins that have been in regular use in household and commercial cleaning for generations whilst maintaining a level of performance that is demanded has resulted in the SoSafe catalogue that includes cleaning products for every scenario – from removing graffiti and mold to floor polish and floor strippers.

An accumulation of old polish, built up on a floor over a number of years, can at best become an unsightly blot on your organisation and at worst can present as a possible trip hazard with an irregular surface the result of numerous layers of polish.

Stripping a floor of such polish has always required either a great deal of physical effort or products that were sure to have been hazardous to the users and most likely damaging to the environment. Today, SoSafe provide a nontoxic, propellant free floor stripper, available in 20l containers that facilitates getting your floor back to its original condition with the minimum of fuss and effort.

If you value the health of your staff, colleagues and the environment you will want to make the switch to SoSafe for all of your cleaning products.

Making your order online is simple but if you do have any questions, we will be delighted to be of assistance to you.