Odour Control

Odour Control

Bad odours and unpleasant smells are often an unavoidable reality especially in public areas or shared facilities when normal levels of cleanliness and hygiene may be difficult to enforce. And smell is the first of our senses to evoke memories and this applies to bad smells and bad memories as much as good ones.

Many of the worst smells that we encounter are caused by bacteria, especially in bathrooms, kitchens and public areas that may be prone to being used as emergency toilets such as subways and parking lots. Many treatments for odour removal focus on simply masking the smell with a stronger more pleasant odour without considering the source of the smell.

SoSafe’s odour control product, Vanilla Fresh, attacks the smell at source by destroying the bacteria that are responsible – and trials have shown that Vanilla Fresh is successful in killing 99.9% of all known bacteria – meaning that you can be sure of its effectiveness. And while it is busy doing so, it provides a pleasant odour of vanilla which can remain for weeks after application.

Vanilla Fresh is a water-based solution containing no harmful chemicals that may be present in other odour control products and is suitable for use on both hard and soft surfaces.

If you are responsible for a care home, nursing home or anywhere with shared facilities that suffer from periodic or constant bad odours, and you need a safe, highly effective solution to combatting unpleasant smells, SoSafe Vanilla Fresh will be exactly what you need.