Mould Removers

Mould Removers

Mould Removal Products

SoSafe mould removal products for exterior and interior surfaces are scientifically proven products, formulated to remove and prevent the regrowth of black mould, mildew, algae, and moss in problem areas.  SoSafe mould removal products are gentle on surfaces, easy to apply and a pleasure to work with.  Originally developed for commercial applications, SoSafe mould removal products are now available for domestic use!

On lightly affected surfaces or for prevention, SoSafe mould removal products can be sprayed on a surface and left without rinsing. For more heavily affected surfaces, SoSafe can be used as a cleaner and after spraying, can be scrubbed and rinsed for instant results.



Mould removal products for building exteriors

The combination of moisture and environmental contaminants, including mould, mildew, moss, pollution, dirt and other airborne particles often results in exterior surfaces appearing soiled.  Proper cleaning with highly effective and environmentally safe solutions can restore and revive surfaces including walkways, commercial buildings, and home exteriors.  Conventional cleaning methods include chemical washing with dangerous and destructive chemicals like Muriatic Acid or bleach combined with high-pressure washing which is often highly destructive to both the surface and the environment.  Painting over the affected surfaces is only a short term solution as the living mould spores often quickly reappear on the surface.  SoSafe’s specially formulated External Surface Revival quickly, safely and sustainably returns these exterior surfaces back to their original condition while preventing future mould growth for up to twelve months.  The highly effective solution quickly breaks the bond between contaminants and the surface, thus reducing the pressure or “elbow-grease” required to fully clean the surface.


Mould removal products for building interiors

Conventional mould abatement for home interiors and commercial applications typically uses highly corrosive, high VOC oxidisers such as bleach or chlorine-based cleaners. Especially in an enclosed space, the fumes from these powerful cleaners are dangerous for the people handling and applying them.  While these cleaners appear to work, they tend to bleach the colour out of the mould blooms, but often fail to kill the spores.  The result is mould reappearing in a relatively short time period. SoSafe Spray Away eliminates the need for these harmful alternatives while delivering safer, longer-lasting results without the risk of damaging uniforms, clothes or other fabrics (NOTE: Some delicate fabrics are affected by any moisture and contact with cleaner should be avoided).