In years gone by there was a far higher threshold for society accepting the use of harmful or dangerous products through all walks of life. Knowledge of hazardous materials was inferior to today’s standard and also accountability for harm caused was minimal, and consequently many products in daily use in the home or in the workplace posed a threat to public health.

 The cost and availability of such products was often of paramount importance, but today there is a far higher level of responsibility for individuals and society as a whole, and utilising safer non-toxic products is of the greatest significance.

At SoSafe we have produced an extensive range of cleaning products, from mold killers to rust removers, disinfectants and graffiti removers that are all proven to be extremely safe for users, those that frequent the cleaned area, as well as being ecologically friendly. 

One such product is our floor polish that is suited to larger areas that may be populated by the public or communal meeting areas in schools and hospitals. In particular, our floor polish contains no toxins or propellants, but whilst much safe does not compromise on ease of use or delivering excellent results in its intended use.

SoSafe is rapidly becoming the nations first choice for the new generation of cleaning products, and with easy online ordering and rapid delivery there is no longer a reason to keep using outdated and hazardous products that have been omnipresent for generations.

Make the move to SoSafe and protect yourself and the environment.