Some might see graffiti as an expressive form of art but in the majority of circumstances it is unwelcome and inappropriate, and valuable time and resources have been dedicated to its removal. SoSafe’s Blue Concrete Gel graffiti remover has been formulated to be effective on porous surfaces that have often proved difficult to clean properly, including brick, concrete, many types of stone, including marble but unfortunately are most often prone to graffiti.

In particular, this gel formulation is the best option when dealing with graffiti on vertical surfaces such as walls, as its consistency allows it to be sprayed on to the affected area without running down. The gel will stay in position until such time as it is rinsed off, and this will prevent any spread of the original staining.

SoSafe Blue is suitable for removing the most common types of graffiti, making short work of spray paints, crayons, chewing gum, marker pens and glue and has been a popular choice for organisations such as schools and public service facilities where graffiti is on ongoing problem.

For convenience and ease of use SoSafe Blue gel is provided in a handy 750ml spray bottle available individually or in multi packs, but great value for money refills of either 5 or 25 litres are also available.

Alongside the SoSafe Blue is a range of similar products that have been specifically designed for removing graffiti from all other types of surface including road signs, painted surfaces and plastics without causing any damage.