Stainles Steel Cleaners and Rust Removers

Stainles Steel Cleaners and Rust Removers

Despite its name and reputation, stainless steel can be affected by staining and corrosion even in normal day to day usage. Nonetheless, it is still a highly popular choice where a durable surface is required and has countless applications around the home, in industry and leisure scenarios.

One of the key features of stainless steel is that it offers a shiny, highly attractive appearance – but this can easily be spoiled by the presence of day-to-day contaminants, such as grease, fingerprints or a build up of trace elements in water and in many applications, this is most unwelcome.

Restoring the lustre to stainless steel is now a straightforward process thanks to SoSafe Stainless Steel Polish, which not only removes all traces of dirty marks but also serves as a microbial cleaner resulting in not only a bright but a hygienic finish that is so often required. And SoSafe Stainless Steel Polish can be used on a wide range of other surfaces including other metals such as chrome, brass and many common alloys and can even be used on polished wood surfaces too!

Furthermore, this product is nontoxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and odourless making it the ideal choice for applications in enclosed spaces such as kitchens and elevators. 

But should you have a problem with corrosion on your stainless steel surface, SoSafe Metal Bright is specially formulated to remove rust stains and breathe new life into your once pristine surface in a simple and safe manner.

Choose Sosafe for your stainless steel cleaners and rust removers.