SoSafe are specialists in providing ecologically safe cleaning products to the general public, to businesses and organisations such as schools, hospitals and public gathering centres where the health and safety of those that use the products and the facility is of prime importance.

The days when cleaning materials routinely contained caustic and toxic chemicals that were hazardous to users and damaging once they were released into the environment should now be well behind us. The SoSafe range of products including degreasers, mould killers, graffiti cleaners and floor polish and floor strippers lead the way in providing effective and powerful cleaning but without the associated hazards from toxins. And as well as these obvious benefits, it should also be noted that SoSafe products are kinder to the surfaces to which they are applied, causing minimal degradation to most surfaces.

With an ever growing yet discerning customer base, SoSafe has become the country’s number one choice for a multitude of domestic and industrial cleaning products that do not compromise efficiency for the sake of protecting the environment, and a large percentage of the range are fully biodegradable and are deactivated in water. Furthermore, products within the range contain no harmful propellants and are extremely low in VOCs making them safe to use in enclosed spaces.

SoSafe floor polish and floor stripper are both available in great value 20 litre containers, are easy and safe to use and equally simple to order online.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.